Cam Newton is happy for Carolina Panther’s firmness

After proceeding slowly to help Carolina acquire its seventh position and final triumph of this season on this Sunday, Cam Newton visited the locker room and delivered a postgame speech in front of the teammates. In the locker room and in front of both offensive and defensive players, Cam expressed his pride for the team and also for his teammates and coaches for trying till the end and not ceasing when the team was just at 2-8.

Head coach of Carolina Panthers Ron Rivera said that he feels proud of the team and the team mates because it was quite easy to cash it in but no one did that. Newton is responsible for turning the team’s season from a sluice into a 7-9 year that positioned the team 2nd in the NFC South. Goaded by winning five out of six matches, Carolina Panthers were capable enough to perform much better than last year’s record with some of Cam’s fault free and impressive football played much before.

He ended the year with numbers equal to his rookie season. He had 3,869 yards, 12 interceptions, 21 touchdowns, and most importantly he had 86.2 passer rating which is highly commendable. Not only this, he also ran for 741 yards and became the first quarterback to lead the team in acquiring the first position in NFL since Donavan McNabb in the year 2000.

But all those numbers were extended shot estimation by Newton’s trajectory. He struggled a lot with dropping the ball, forcing passes and also throwing mechanics. He was also questioned for his behavior and his mental state was challenged both locally and nationally. Rivera once said that Cam used to put a lot of pressure on himself and that is what affects his hard work. Questions also raise regarding his leadership ability but as the season went on, he was more active on the side line and was spotted encouraging lineman rather than sitting on the bench.



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