Carolina Panthers Stadium Is Expected To Earn State Interest

Republicans and the government will soon join together to help fund development for reconstructing the Carolina Panthers stadium. This news is unveiled by one of the powerful and leading GOP politicians in the state; Thom Tillis.

Thom Tillis, representing Cornelius, said at the beginning of this week that he and some important lawmakers have already been informed about the NFL franchise’s need for the makeover of the stadium. He also said that there are high possibilities of state lending their hands with the premeditated renovations of the stadium.

Tillis said that the economic effect of the Carolina Panthers is finely documented. But he had yet not offered any particular figures for determining whether it will be worthy to invest state tax money in this particular project or not.

The panthers are actually completing 10 years master plan for renovating the stadium and have not requested any taxpayer money from the city. Anthony Foxx, mayor of the city has sent a letter to the owner of the Panthers, Jerry Richardson, in the month of September welcoming him to talk about the team’s future strategy with the city. The motive behind such an act is to help the team pay for the purpose of renovation in terms of a commitment to stay within the Charlotte.




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