NFL future betting tips

When it comes to betting on the NFL, like with pretty much any other sport, the first and most important tip is to do homework into the teams. If you live in America you will benefit from regular coverage of the league, on television and in the newspapers, but those based outside the States will not be so fortunate. Therefore finding out about what moves the likely teams are making to increase their chances ahead of the new season – as well as any off-field problems or injuries they have.

You should also do as much research into the odds available at the different sports betting sites as, although there will not be huge variance when it comes to the hot favourites; you always want to get the odds that can maximise any potential cash winnings. For example you can get odds of either 3/1 or 11/4 for the Patriots to win the AFC this season, making it worth at least looking around to see what is on offer. However although you want to get the best odds you can, you also want to restrict your search to reputable sportsbooks – because there is nothing worse than winning and then not getting paid. Finally, you should consider holding off until the action is underway before placing an NFL futures bet, because it allows you to see which teams are actually playing well.

If the favourites do so then their odds will stay at around the pre-season level, so you have nothing to lose by waiting, and you can always play a game like $5 Million Touchdown at an online casino such as
Jackpot City while biding your time. This slots game is NFL through and through, with players, cheerleaders, footballs and referees depicted on the reels, against the backdrop of an NFL pitch, and a bonus game involving passing a football from one player to another as you try to score a touchdown. This game accounts for one half of the name of this slot, while the other half comes from the size of the maximum cash jackpot it offers.

Thus, with both money and NFL on offer, $5 Million Touchdown is the perfect way to pass the time while you wait to place a futures bet.

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